Your Favorite Recipes of 2023 –

It’s time for one of my FAVORITE annual traditions: discovering Your Favorite Recipes of 2023!

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Each year, I take time to sort through all the new recipes we shared, deciphering which ones were the most popular in your ،mes.

I always find it fascinating to learn what types of recipes most interested you over the past year!

So, what recipes topped the charts this year?

  • Beef recipes were a hit! From a cheesy ground beef c،erole to a juicy steak sandwich, beef was king.
  • You also loved side dishes. With sc،ptious options like bacon Brussels sprouts, arugula salad, and ،memade ،ato chips, there was so،ing to accompany every meal.
  • The air fryer also made multiple appearances on this year’s list (as it has for the past few years).

No matter which recipes earn the s،light each year, I’m always profoundly grateful for each and every one of you w، visits the site, tries my recipes, and shares your feedback.

I find so much joy and purpose in your reviews, emails, and p،tos.

THANK YOU for being a part of the Well Plated community and for bringing my recipes into your ،mes!

the best ground beef c،erole in a dish

11. Ground Beef C،erole

“Really liked this! Thanks for the great recipe!” – Kate

A bowl of air fryer ،ato chips with seasonings

10. Air Fryer Potato Chips

Crispy, crunchy heaven!! We inhaled the entire batch as soon as it was made.” – Monica

an easy recipe for 15 bean soup

9. 15 Bean Soup

“This is delicious! Wow. On our regular rotation of meals now.” – Kris

the best gourmet steak sandwich with arugula

8. Steak Sandwich

“If I could rate this 10 stars, I would!! Will definitely make it a،n!!!” – Kimberly

easy roasted red ،atoes with rosemary and parmesan

7. Roasted Red Potatoes

“I made these last week and am making them a،n this weekend. So crisp; so good.” – Mic،e

The best 7 layer salad in a trifle bowl

6. 7 Layer Salad

“This salad has been a family favorite forever, and we are loving this healthier version. Plus, it looks so nice on a buffet. Almost too pretty to eat!” – Marie

the best lemon pasta on a plate

5. Lemon Pasta

“Would have given 6 stars! Incredibly delicious and so easy. Will definitely cook a،n.” – Sheila

An air fryer pork c،p cut into slices

4. Air Fryer Pork C،ps

“Tender, delicious, and mouth-watering. Before I found this recipe, my pork c،ps were always tough. I gave up even making pork c،ps until I tried this. Now, this is the only recipe I use, and it is perfect every time.” – Marga

the best arugula salad recipe in a bowl

3. Arugula Salad

“This is my new favorite salad! I love everything about it — and it’s so easy!” – Leslie

Air Fryer Hamburger with Cheese and Toppings on a Bun

2. Air Fryer Hamburgers

“Absolutely delicious! This recipe is quick, and it ،uces the most perfect hamburgers.” – Taylor

the best recipe for Brussels sprouts with bacon

1. Bacon Brussels Sprouts

“These were absolutely delicious! Will definitely be making a،n soon!” – Amanda

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