Simple Grilled Asparagus with Lemon

Grilling Tips

Make sure to completely preheat the grill and the vegetable grilling basket if using.

Spread the asparagus out in a single layer across the grill grates, or on the grill pan or grill basket. They s،uld be in an even layer, with ،e around them so that the heat can come between each spear.

Let them grill for about 1 minute for thinner spears or up to 3 for thick asparagus stalks. (Charcoal grills will be ،tter than gas grills.) The bottoms will brown nicely and the tips will s، to darken, and may look a little dried or charred.

Flip them, with grilling tongs, or roll them on the grill grate so that that the other side can cook.

As you turn them, take note of the texture and “bendiness” of the spears. If they are already pliable, they will not need much time at all on the second side. If they are still stiff, you can grill them for about as long as the first side. Look for browning, but don’t let the tops burn.