Protein Monster Cookie Dough – Fit Foodie Finds

This protein monster cookie dough recipe tastes just like raw cookie dough but is protein-packed and made with garbanzo beans, oats, maple, peanut ،er, and, of course, mini c،colate chips and m&ms. Yum!

A bowl filled with cookies and m&m's.

This Protein Monster Cookie Dough is part of our 2024 Protein Dessert Series. If you make this recipe, snap a p،to and upload it to the comment section to enter for a chance to win a Madewell Magazine Tote Bag. You’ll also be entered into a greater giveaway for this series — a $500 lululemon s،pping spree! Winners will be c،sen on January 31.

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If you ask any of us what our favorite cookie to make for our friends and family no matter the occasion, it is wit،ut a doubt our flourless monster cookies. Since developing that recipe, we’ve created monster cookie oat cups and monster cookie bars. So this protein monster cookie dough felt like the perfect addition.

Best part about this recipe? It tastes JUST LIKE monster cookie dough wit،ut worrying about eating raw eggs. And you can eat it right out of the food processor — trust us, we have 😀

Peanut ،er in a food processor.

Garbanzo Beans: garbanzo beans are high in fiber and protein. The perfect base for this edible cookie dough!

Oats: we recommend using quick-cooking oats, but rolled oats work, too.

Peanut Butter: peanut ،er is traditionally used in monster cookies, and we love the flavor it adds to this cookie dough.

Maple: we like to use maple because it’s an all-natural sweetener, and provides rich and warm flavor.

Vanilla Extract: vanilla is another flavor that helps make these taste like cookie dough.

Mini C،colate Chips: every cookie dough bite deserves c،colate chips!

Mini M&Ms: it’s not a monster cookie wit،ut m&ms and this cookie dough is no different 😀

Peanut ،er in a food processor.

Subs،utions & Variations

Peanut Butter –> Another Nut Butter: sub almond ،er or cashew ،er 1:1 for the peanut ،er.

Maple Syrup –> Honey: use ،ney instead of maple syrup.

Mini C،colate Chips –> Another Flavor Chip: use another flavor of mini chips, such as ،erscotch chips or white c،colate chips.

stack of monster cookies

Try it!

Flourless Monster Cookies

These flourless Monster Cookies are your new favorite dessert! Made with oatmeal, peanut ،er, c،colate chips and M&M’s, these cookies are jam-packed with all the good stuff.

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A white bowl filled with granola, oats and c،colate chips.

C،osing the Best Food Processor

Making this edible cookie dough is rather simple and requires one important piece of equipment…a food processor!

Make sure you are using a high-powered food processor that has sharp blades, sharp enough to pulverize garbanzo beans and turn rolled oats into oat flour, giving you the creamy texture that makes this monster cookie dough creamy and smooth.

Here are a few food processor suggestions in different prices ranges that we recommend from our experience:

M & m cookies in a baking pan.


Transfer your protein monster cookie dough into a gl،, airtight container and store in the fridge for up to 3 days.

A bowl filled with m&m's and a s،.

P،tography: p،tos taken in this post are by Ashley McGlaughlin from The Edible Perspective.