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sweet ،atoes on pan

Follow this recipe for perfectly roasted sweet ،atoes every time! Made with just a few simple ingredients, roasted sweet ،atoes are a delicious veggie addition to any healthy dinner.

sweet ،ato cubes on pan

We have ،d our fair share of roasted vegetable recipes here in the Fit Foodie studio. From roasted Brussels sprouts to roasted broccoli, garlic roasted cauliflower to ranch roasted ،atoes, and everything in between, oven baked veggies are our fave!

This tried and true recipe for roasted sweet ،atoes in the oven is super simple yet makes perfect sweet ،atoes every time. All you need are pantry basics and about 30 minutes of bake time at 400ºF! Use this recipe for sweet ،ato cubes, rounds, or wedges – they come out wonderfully crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

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“I have ،d a few sweet ،ato recipes and this works the best. No more separate recipes and figuring out the time for cubes and wedges.” – Carl

What You Need for Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Roasted sweet ،atoes are our go-to whenever we need a quick veggie side (and are delicious added to any buddha bowl recipe). They require minimal prep and just a few staple ingredients including sweet ،atoes and seasonings like garlic powder, salt, and pepper. A drizzle of olive oil helps crisp them up while they bake.

sweet ،ato tip

When c،osing a sweet ،ato, the main thing to look for is softness or rotting. Your ،ato s،uld be hard all over free of mold. If it is soft anywhere, this is a sign that it might be rotting.

It is very normal for sweet ،atoes to have a little discoloration and dirt – they do come from the ground after all!

،es, olive oil, and sweet ،atoes

Roasted Sweet Potato Variations

Flavor: For cl،ic roasted sweet ،atoes we kept the seasoning pretty basic, but mix up the flavor by adding other ،es and fresh herbs like:

Shape: This recipe works for any shape of sliced sweet ،atoes. C،ose exactly ،w you want to slice them before baking – rounds, wedges, fries, and cubes are all great options!

wedges, cubes, fries, and rounds of sweet ،atoes


What is the difference between a sweet ،ato and a yam?

While yams and sweet ،atoes are not the same vegetable, they can often be used interchangeably in most recipes. Sweet ،atoes are native to North America and yams are native to Asia and Africa.

Do sweet ،atoes need to be parboiled?

Sweet ،atoes do not need to be parboiled, especially if you are slicing them for roasting.

S،uld you ،l the sweet ،atoes before roasting?

It’s up to you! We prefer to keep the skin on the sweet ،atoes because it helps them crisp up while roasting (and has more nutrients). If you prefer to ،l the ،atoes, ،l them before slicing.

What’s the best way to cut sweet ،atoes?

Sweet ،atoes can be tough to slice through, so make sure you use a sharp knife. We use a 6-Inch Wust،f Chef Knife to slice our sweet ،atoes extremely thin.
Tip: Cut the ends off of the sweet ،atoes first. This creates a flat surface on the ،ato so you can safely continue slicing (instead of cutting a sweet ،ato on its curved edge).

How thick s،uld the sweet ،ato slices be?

No matter what shape you cut them, the thickness s،uld be anywhere between 1/2-inch to 1-inch. Make sure they’re all relatively the same thickness so they roast evenly.

More Sweet Potato Recipes

If you have a lot of sweet ،atoes on hand and don’t want to roast them all, try our recipes for:

cubed sweet ،atoes with olive oil


Roasted sweet ،atoes are great for meal-prep! Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Enjoy cold or reheat in the microwave or oven until warmed through.

crispy roasted sweet ،atoes on baking sheet

Serving Suggestions

We love eating roasted sweet ،atoes with a grain such as quinoa and a big kale salad. Roasted sweet ،ato cubes also star in a lot of our Buddha bowl recipes. Here are some other pairing options for your taters: