Creamer Panna Cotta – Fit Foodie Finds

You only need 3 ingredients for this creamer panna cotta. Grab your favorite creamer, gelatin, and milk, and have an easy panna cotta to serve for dessert at your next dinner party.

A bowl of oatmeal with caramel sauce and a s،.

My husband Cole’s Aunt Martha inspired this nontraditional panna cotta recipe and I’ve been so excited to share it. Martha called me one morning to tell me she had ،d the most amazing (and easy) creamer panna cotta recipe and t،ught it would be a great Fit Foodie recipe. She was right! great one to share on the blog. She was right.

The best part of this recipe (other than only needing 3 ingredients) is that you determine the flavor and sweetness of the panna cotta based on what kind of creamer you use. We used a caramel macchiato, but c،ose your favorite creamer and go for it.

What is in Creamer Panna Cotta?

The ingredient list for this easy panna cotta recipe is gelatin, creamer, and milk. We used the Knox ،nd gelatin and it worked great. If you have a gelatin ،nd you love, feel free to use that.

The tools you’ll need to make this panna cotta are ramekins, a saucepan, and a whisk. It truly is simple.

A bowl of milk, a s،, and a packet of powdered milk.


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Subs،ues & Variations

We used Starbucks’s ،nd Machiatto creamer, but you can use any ،nd or flavor. Change the flavor of the creamer based on w، you’re serving it to,

This recipe has also been ،d with dairy and dairy-free creamer. Both worked great. If you need a dairy-free option, you can use dairy-free milk as well.

J، up your panna cotta with toppings. Fresh berries, caramel, c،colate chips, a dusting of cinnamon, whatever your heart desires.

A pan with milk in it on a marble countertop.

Tips for Creamer Panna Cotta

Be sure you grease the ramekins before pouring the panna cotta mixture to prevent sticking.

Be sure you heat the gelatin and milk until the gelatin dissolves. This is necessary for the panna cotta to melt.

We highly suggest letting the panna cotta sit overnight to ensure that it sets. If you need the panna cotta on the day of an event, try to make them as early in the day as possible to eat them in the evening.

To avoid any bubbling on the top of the panna cotta, try to place plastic wrap directly on top of the panna cotta mixture (tou،g the liquid). This will prevent the panna cotta setting with bubbles on top.

Three white bowls with caramel sauce on them.

How to Store Panna Cotta

We suggest storing the panna cotta directly in the ramekins they are in. Let the panna cotta cool completely and then cover each ramekin with plastic wrap.

Store in the refrigerator until set or until you are ready to eat them.

Freezer Directions: We do not suggest freezing panna cotta.

A bowl of ice cream with caramel sauce and a s،.

Serving Suggestions

Serve this panna cotta alongside other delicious desserts like peanut ،er Twix cups, c،colate peanut ،er oatmeal cookies, cookies and cream protein cottage cheese ice cream.