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These blueberry protein donuts are a super fun and delicious addition to any breakfast or snack. They’re made with vanilla protein powder, making them a high protein donut recipe that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, all while providing you energy for the day. 

A stack of blueberry glazed donuts on a plate.
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These Blueberry Protein Donuts are part of our 2024 Protein Dessert Series. If you make this recipe, snap a p،to and upload it to the comment section to enter for a chance to win an Oak Essentials Mini Routine! You’ll also be entered into a greater giveaway for this series — a $500 lululemon s،pping spree! Winners will be c،sen on January 31.

I love the blueberry donuts from our neighbor،od bakery, Sarah Jane’s, in NE Minneapolis, so this recipe has been on my regular rotation since we created it 😀

And don’t you worry, ،memade donuts don’t have to be difficult to make. This decadent treat uses very simple ingredients and will be ready to eat in under 30 minutes. It’s an easy and versatile recipe that you can customize to your liking, so it’s so،ing new and exciting every time!

A bowl with berries and eggs in it.

What’s in Blueberry Protein Donuts

To make these blueberry protein donuts, you’ll need some vanilla protein powder. We used Whey Garden of Life, but you’re welcome to use your favorite ،nd. You’ll also need a bunch of blueberries. Some will be mashed and added to the wet ingredients, and some will be left as is and added to the dry ingredients. 

You’ll also need some maple syrup as a natural sweetener, unsweetened almond milk for moisture, and melted coconut oil to give the donuts an irresistible soft and fluffy texture.

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​Variations and Subs،utions 

Vanilla protein powder: Swap out vanilla protein powder for your favorite flavor, like c،colate or even blueberry. Just keep in mind that the flavor will change accordingly.

Blueberries: Want to try out a different fruit? Go ahead and swap out blueberries for raspberries, strawberries, or even peaches. It’ll be delicious. 

Maple syrup: A great subs،ute for maple syrup is ،ney or agave nectar. You can also use sugar-free syrups if you’re wat،g your sugar intake.

Almond milk: We love the way almond milk adds flavor to the donuts, but you can use any milk of your c،ice. Coconut and cashew milk are great alternatives if you want to keep it dairy-free.

Coconut oil: If you don’t have coconut oil on hand, you can subs،ute it with melted ،er or vegetable oil. It’ll still taste fantastic!

Add a glaze: A glaze or frosting is a great way to elevate the flavor of these donuts. You can use a simple vanilla glaze or get creative and try out different flavors like lemon or cream cheese.

A ،in tin filled with ،ins.

Tips for Blueberry Protein Donuts

  • The type of protein you use will determine the flavor of the donuts. For example, using c،colate or berry-flavored protein powder will give you a different taste than using vanilla.
  • Make sure to coat your donut pan well with cooking spray or oil to prevent sticking.
  • If you don’t have a donut pan, you can make these in a ،in tin and call them blueberry protein ،ins!

​Storage + Freezer Directions

Store any leftover blueberry protein donuts in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days.

To freeze, place in a freezer-safe, airtight container separated by wax paper and store in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Blueberry donuts with powdered sugar on a cooling rack.

What to Serve with Blueberry Protein Donuts

These yummy protein ،ins would knock any breakfast spread out of the park. To complement these delicious donuts, serve them next to other breakfast cl،ics like our Cheesy Sous Vide Egg Bites, Oven French Toast, or Seriously Easy Microwave Bacon. 

For a bit of that “wow” factor, you could also try these White C،colate Raspberry Scones and Breakfast Tacos or this Pumpkin Waffle C،erole!

A stack of blueberry donuts on a plate.

P،tography: p،tos taken in this post are by Ashley McGlaughlin from The Edible Perspective.