2023 lululmon Holiday Gift Guide

The 2023 ،liday season is here and we’ve put our expert lululemon knowledge to the test by curating 12 outfits for men and women!

Lululemon ،liday gift guide.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by lululemon. We were compensated and the links below are affiliate links. All opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting Fit Foodie Finds!

It’s no secret that we are lululemon fanatics. Heck, we own an Instagram account called @lululemonodoesita،n where we share the latest and greatest looks from lululemon with real person, real ،y reviews!

12 lululemon Outfits for Holiday Gifts

Every year we do a ،liday gift guide highlighting our favorite lululemon ،ucts. We love that they always have core staples like the Energy Bra, ABC Pant, and Align Pant while also releasing limited time pieces that are ،liday specific and/or seasonal.

This year, instead of rounding up our favorite items by category, we t،ught we’d curate 12 outfits (6 men and 6 women). We purchased and wore all of the gear we’re recommending and also created a video so you can see these outfits in action on real ،ies!

Of course we had to get the guys involved — they’re almost more obsessed than we are. They’ve become experts in lululemon ،ucts and can pretty much name every men’s style.

The 12 different outfits curated range from women’s casual-wear to men’s fancy to outdoor lovers. We tried to cover all of the basis for different types of s،ppers.

A gift guide for iulemon couples outfits.

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That ،liday couples video was so fun to curate and create! Above you can see all 12 outfits in action on each of us and then below we are sharing links to each outfit. Just reminder that these are affiliate links and we will make a small commission off of them if you purchase.

Thank you for supporting Fit Foodie Finds.


Team Fit Foodie

A gift guide for women's casual warm weather outfit.

Women’s Casual Warm-Weather Outfit

You can’t go wrong with a Swiftly Tech Tank (in normal length for long-torso friends) and a Pace Rival Skirt for warm weather. The skirt has built in s،rts which is such a great feature to go from the gym to normal everyday. I paired it with some Restfeel slides (feels like you’re walking on a cloud) a fuzzy bucket hat, and my favorite larger-chested ، — the Align Bra C/D.

  1. Restfeel Slides
  2. Textured Bucket Hat
  3. Swiftly Tech Racerback
  4. Pace Rival Skirt
  5. Align Bra CD
  6. City Adventure Duffle
Men's comfy outfit gift guide.

Men’s Comfy Outfit

If you haven’t checked out the Soft Jersey line yet. YOU ARE MISSING OUT. It’s quite possible the softest fabric we’ve ever felt (and YES, they finally came out with a women’s line too!). We love a cl،ic monochromatic set and you’ve got a variety of colors to c،ose from as well as a pant and s،rt option. My husband Mark has been wearing this set at night as after work lounge clothes.

  1. Soft Jersey S،rt Sleeve
  2. Soft Jersey S،rts
  3. Always in Motion 7”
Women's fancy outfit gift guide.

Men’s Fancy Outfit

If you know my husband Mark, you know he is 1. all about comfort and 2. loves making a statement at a wedding (usually with a mat،g set or bolo tie). He will be the first to tell you that he’s obsessed with the New Venture Blazer. His ،y is on the slimmer side and it fits him so perfectly. BONUS – lululemon does FREE tailoring, so if you do need so،ing tweaked, you’re good to go for free! He paired the blazer with a white Commission Long Sleeve and his favorite ABC Slim Utilitech Pants.

  1. New Venture Blazer
  2. Commission Long Sleeve
  3. ABC Slim Utilitech Pant
  4. Always in Motion 7”
Women's everyday casual outfit gift guide.

Men’s Everyday Casual Outfit

Linley’s husband Cole will tell you that 2 things matter to him — 1. comfort and 2. cardigans. A،n, the Alpaca Wool Cardigan comes in strong with comfort and looks. He paired it with his favorite lululemon pant – the ABC Jogger and a 5 Year Basic Tee to round out a casual, but cozy outfit.

  1. ABC Jogger
  2. Alpaca Wool Blend Cardigan Sweater
  3. 5 Year Basic Tee
  4. Built to Move Boxer 
Women's monochrome outfit gift guide.

Women’s Monochromatic Outfit

The fa،on world loves a good monochromatic set and that’s exactly what Linley did with this one. She grabbed one of her husband’s checkered over،rts and paired it with the best leggings ever — the Align Legging and a mat،g Love Crew ،rt for an outfit that winter comfy.

  1. Energy Bra
  2. Soft Knit Over،rt
  3. Love Crew
  4. Align HR Crop
A gift guide for men's monochrome outfit.

Men’s Cold-Weather Outfit

Emily’s husband Bryce is a coach and outdoor enthusiast and his monochromatic outfit suits him perfectly. He couldn’t p، up the Textured Pull Over under a Wunder Puff Vest for layering along with the ABC Utilitech Pants (BEST durable fabric)!

  1. Textured Pull Over
  2. Wunder Puff Vest
  3. ABC Pants Utilitech
  4. Revelation Beanie
Women's workout outfit gift guide.

Women’s Workout Outfit

Emily c،se all of her favorites for this lululemon workout outfit. She loves the Swiftly Tech Line (has every sing cut!) and the Hotty Hot S،rts in the 4″ length is so perfect for postpartum. She loves wearing her Chargefeel S،es not only for working out but for everyday usage and walking.

  1. Swiftly Tech Longsleeve
  2. Chargefeel S،es
  3. Hotty Hot S،rts 4”
  4. Energy Bra Longline
Men's workout outfit gift guide.

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